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Carbon Filters and Fan Combos

EXHAUSTING: Carbon filters are great to use in your grow room. Since you need an air exchange any way why not sterilize your room in the process? Match the CFM of the filter to the fan, attach it to the fan intake, exhaust the opposite end of the fan outside the grow room and you are ready to go. All carbon filters have a recommended CFM, it is important not to exceed the recommended CFM as the filter will not sterilize the air properly. When mounting your carbon filter it is best to mount the filter high in the grow room to allow any hot air to be filtered first. If mounted and connected properly your fan and filter will accomplish three things:

• Act as an air exchange in your grow room

• Decrease the temperature by taking out hot air

• Sterilize by killing mold spores, pathogens, and deodorizing

Typically, you will want to exchange the air in your grow room every five minutes. To figure this out use the formula Length x Width x Height = Cubic Ft, then Divide by 5 to get your recommended CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) (Example 8ft x 12ft x 8ft = 768 divided by 5 = 153.6 so you would need at least a 153 cfm fan/filter combo to exhaust your room)

SCRUBBING: Scrubbing is simply having a filter and fan inside the room, but not exhausting the air outside. For instance, the filter could sit on the floor with a fan attached to the top pulling air from the inside the grow room through the filter then back out, recirculating the grow room air through the filter continuously, thus keeping the air clean. Note that scrubbing requires a higher CFM than exhausting.

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