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Trimmers, Plant Shears, Extraction, and Herb Drying

Take your urban gardening projects to the next level with all the tools you need to make your own herbal essences and oils for personal or commercial use. Save money and enjoy the best quality and flavor with fresh herbs you have grown yourself, to make aroma therapy oils, cooking oils, dried herbs and much more. From a low-tech bucket and herb extraction bag set to more advanced bubble bag technology, you’ll find extraction kits with all the necessary components.

Trim your hydroponic garden to perfection with high quality plant shears, or consider an electric trimmer for fast, efficient results. Harvest from small scale up to commercial volume with a heavy duty leaf-trimmer. Once you harvest your herbs, preserve them in the ideal drying and curing environment with one of our state of the art herb dryers. From seed to end product, outfit your indoor gardening project with quality systems and enjoy the results.